Why Start Your Own Online Business?

Why Start Your Own Online Business?

Why Start Your Own Online Business?

Well, the reasons vary broadly depending on who you ask. Everyone has different goals, needs, reasons, budgets, etc. So, to trying to figure out why everyone else wants to earn online passive income by means of creating their own online business would be less than fruitful. However, what I can do is tell you what my own personal reasons are.

How’s that?

Now, just let just tell you a bit more about myself real quick. Firstly, if you haven’t already you can view my “About Me” page to get a bit of back story, but what I’m about to share with you is more along the lines of what my current goals are that motivate me to continue building my online business.

I’m the kind of person that really locks onto a target. When I decide I am going to accomplish something, and I seriously set my mind to the task – it’s going to happen. No doubt about it.

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve officially LOCKED onto a new target. This target isn’t so much a “thing” as much as it is an “experience”. Trouble is that this particular experience is one that will severely limit my ability to be around my computer and my internet connection.

With that said, now I’ll tell you about my next BIG adventure that is a contributing factor that will help me build my business out even further, and even more automated.

Are you ready for this? Here’s the 5-step plan…

1) Tune my business to pay me on auto-pilot.

2) Sell the bulk of my belongings.

3) Rent out my house to cover my mortgage.

4) Procure a 40′ “Open-Water” Sailboat.

5) Spend a year sailing around the Caribbean.

Yep, you read that right. It’s time for a real adventure, and aBusiness From A Sailboat true test for how automated and profitable a true online income stream can be.

I mean, how much more serious of a test can you have for your online business than seeing if it will run by itself while my family and I are out at sea on a flippin’ sailboat? The NEED of earning online passive income becomes very real when you think about how automated your business has to be in order to make something like this happen.

The thing is that once we disembark on our little adventure, I won’t have convenient access to an internet connection. In fact, it might be days, or even weeks between opportunities for me to get online. With that being a real factor, the need for the business to be able to generate genuine automatic income from the power of the internet becomes even more critical and important.

I find this highly motivating actually. I’m always looking for ways to improve the systems and processes that I use to generate income, but now with this difference perspective, it’s even more important.

How Unique This Business Is

Just the idea that I really do have the freedom to even contemplate spending a year on a sailboat – all the while having my adventure funded by my internet business is really enchanting.

What other business can you own that would allow you totalHow To Learn Internet Marketing freedom to be able to take a lengthy adventure, much of it disconnected from internet access, and still operate and make money without requiring any true continuous maintenance?

Perhaps there are some other businesses out there that would allow that sort of thing, but I can’t think of any. Especially not ones that you own yourself, without employees who are left behind and handling the day-to-day stuff. Once your business is built and running – there really isn’t any day-to-day stuff. The work you do grows your business to the next level sure, but if you are comfortable with the income output of your online business, then you can just sit back and let it simmer for a while while you focus on other things – in my case, a year on a sailboat.

Awesome stuff – this business of internet marketing. Be encouraged by the vast opportunity that this business opens up for you. Not just in terms of money, but even in terms of real freedom. Freedom to make such outlandish plans as to sail abroad for a full year… or more.

If You Want Something, Start Something

So, as for my plan, we’re still a year or so out from really beingStart Your Online Business For Free able to make that happen. Much to do before departing indeed. I just wanted to say once more that if you have plans to start your own online business then you should really dig in, commit to the process, and get to work sooner than later.

Time flies. If you have a big dream – you’ve got to go for it. There will ALWAYS be 1,000,000 different reasons why you shouldn’t, wouldn’t, or can’t do something, but you have to look at it differently. With life being so short and limited, you have to make things work despite outside circumstance. That’s how you reach outlandish goals – you make it happen.

Making money online is not hard stuff to do and you can be up and running TODAY if you wanted to. Just think of all the doors that will be unlocked for you once you are earning online passive income. That’s the beauty of this business, and it’s something that is truly attainable. The time is now.

If you’re ready to put your head down, get serious, and make meaningful progress towards building your own online income streams, I suggest you get started today.


If you have any questions of comments about this post, please leave them below. I’d love to hear back from you and help you in any way that I can!



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  1. Hello.

    This is great,informative article, directly to the point, actually i am new in online business & i like affiliate marketing & my dream is to get my financial freedom and become my own manager, thank you for sharing just inspring post & hope to read more, also your website is simple & easy to navigate between articles

    Regards, Ehab

    • Ehab,

      Wow, I’m getting a flurry of comments coming in this morning. I wonder if Google did an update or something that gave the website a nice boost?

      Anyways – I digress…

      Thanks for the comment. I also appreciate the feedback on the website. Always good to hear that the website i set up in such a ways that make it easy to navigate and get to the information you are looking for.

      Let me know if there is ever anything that I can do for you.


  2. Hi Ben, I love reading about other people’s goals, its always so inspiring and exciting! What a great plan you have, I think once people get their head around the fact that you can make a pretty cool living online, and give yourself the gift of time, their goals and dreams become limitless. Good luck with your adventure, it sounds amazing!

    • Thanks Vic! I too like hearing about people plans and goals. I think it’s especially cool when people design their business with intention – such as how I have set things up that will allow us to go sailing long term.

      PS – If interested, I’d invite you to follow along our sailing adventure on another one of my blog websites sailboatstory.com. My wife is actually the primary author on that one – and that website is where we will be sharing all the details of our Sailing experience as we move forward in that adventure.

  3. WOW Ben

    What a great goal, I will be following your adventure and I’m sure it will be a fun reading your posts and thoughts, the idea of having the ability on going out for one year with your family without worrying about the income is great by itself.
    I would love to have such an opportunity to travel around several cities in the world, but not by sea as I love driving so I will follow your course hoping that I can achieve similar goal travelling by car.

    Wish you all the best :)

    • Daria,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the adventure is already well underway. We have not yet bought and moved aboard our sailboat, but within the last week we have moved out of our house, and it will be rented out within the next 2 days. Fro that point, we will begin looking for the right boat. One step at a time.

      Keep in touch!

  4. Hello, I browsed your website for a while and have found that it is very informative and would be very good for anyone trying to start their own business from home. This is actually very relevant in my case because this is in fact something I’m trying to do myself. Thanks for the content! Write on!

    • Steven,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the information I share on Easy Online Income Streams. From personal experience, I know how difficult it can be to attempt figuring out his business all by yourself. It’s my hope that my website will be a genuine resource for anyone who wants to build an online business. After all, everything is easier in retrospect, but with the right information available upfront – there’s no need to struggle.

      Keep in touch, and good luck in building your online marketing business!

  5. Hi Ben,

    This is inspiring! I am relatively new to online business and I know there is a huge earning potential on the internet, especially we have more than three billion intern users in the world! It is enormous!

    I have just learned about affiliate marketing and I know this is what I want to do. My goal is to move back to France with my wife where I can make money from home. At the same time, we travel a lot and I believe online business is the only way can offer such a luxury life to us.

    I guess I am lucky today to find your post here. I am motivated again and will come back here for more!

    Great post! Keep it up!

    • Alex,

      I always get energized when I hear of other people who share the same enthusiasm for building online businesses as I do. It’s interested to hear that your motivations are quite similar to mine. I agree that online businesses are an excellent way to give you true freedom in your life.

      If you want to travel, it just makes good sense to have systems set up that will continue to make you money whether you work or not. Set it up once, then sit back and reap the rewards of that particular income stream.

      Need more money? Set up a second income stream for more diversification – or invest in building our your first income stream. It’s not rocket science… the key is just getting started so that you have something to work with.

      I’m happy that we found each other. I hope that my website can be on ongoing resource for you on your entrepreneurial journey.

  6. Hello Ben,

    My biggest reason as to why I started my online business is money for university. I’m currently in grade 12 high school and next year the student debt will start stacking up. I also realize that right now is the moment to get down and dirty. I surely won’t have the kind of spare time I do now to get things done. Thanks for the great motivation. And best of luck to everyone else starting their online business!


    • Bradyn,

      Setting up an online business that will contribute to your University Budget is an excellent endeavor. For you, funding your education and eliminating debt is your motivation factor. For me, funding my sailboat travels is why I work hard in building my online business. Each person generally has a slightly different “why”, but for many of us there is a common thread as well: we want to build something once, and have it pay us repetitively.

  7. What a great idea! But what if I don’t have any sailing experience, won’t it be dangerous to do this? Perhaps I could just sail in shallow waters. What kind of license do you need to sail one of those 40′? Can you sail it by yourself? This idea is so radical. I can’t get over it! An endless cruise. How would you manage food and water? Would you need a visa or entry fees to another port?

    • Eddy-

      Thanks for the exciting response. Yes, we’re pretty anxious to get out there. In fact, I just sent an offer in on a nice O’Day 34′ sailboat just as I saw your comment come in. The sailing part itself isn’t that complicated. The tricky part is getting comfortable enough to be able to handle the unexpected situations when they inevitably arise. You don’t need a special license of any kind for a small sailboat. Yeah – you can sail them by yourself, but it’s safer and much easier if you have some help.

      Wow – so many questions! I guess the best thing I can do is to point you over to our other sailing blog website where you can read about the adventure and even subscribe to our Youtube channel. How’s that?



      Thanks for stopping by – and please keep in touch!


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