How To Be Intentionally Homeless

How To Be Intentionally Homeless

Today, I find myself alone at the local coffee shop.

Typically, I’d working from my home office, but today is different. Here’s why: We don’t live at our home anymore.

Gasp! I’m homeless!

Currently there are a lot of changes that my family of 3 are going through. One of the biggest is that we have moved out of our house and are living with our relatives.

I know this might sound shocking to some of my readers, so I want to better elaborate on why this is what my current state of affairs looks like.


One Small, Uncomfortable Step At A Time

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you’ve probably gotten wind of our big-picture plans.

We’re moving aboard a sailboat to cruise around the Bahamas for a while.

It’s because of this goal that we find ourselves, currently, at a strange place as a family. We no longer live at our own house. Instead, we are living with my wife’s family.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, really. We’re actually quite comfortable physically, however we are a bit uncomfortable mentally.

What I mean by that is that it’s a strange feeling to move out of your house and watch someone else move into it.

Out whole situation got very REAL feeling when we watched our renters unpack their truck and move all of their belongings into our house. Weird indeed. If you’ve never experienced that, just take it from me that it’s a very surreal feeling.

Now, as strange as things are at this moment, we are still very excited to have moved past this milestone.

The next steps will be to find and buy our sailboat, outfit it to meet our traveling needs, and to move aboard and depart for the islands of the Bahamas.


All Because Of This Business

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

This business unlocks great and exciting potential in your life.

When you have money coming into your life that you don’t have to continually work for, it frees you to do other things. Of course, the way you use all of your newly founds free time might me very different from ours, but regardless how you choose to spend your time, you will enjoy opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Because I made the decision to build an online business, and committed to the necessary process required to see my goals through, I can now enjoy the rewards that I’ve earned.

The great news for you is that you can do the exact same thing!

Maybe not the whole sailing thing (unless you want to, of course)… but you can certainly build a business that will free your time and money.


Intentionally Homeless

For the next while, I’m homeless.

Of course, I’m not living on the street, I’m eating quite well, and I’m not wearing nasty clothes. I continue to make good money automatically from my online businesses and I dream about the day when we can write a check for our sailboat.

Still, my house is occupied by someone else, and until we move aboard out boat (our next home), I don’t really have a home to call my own.

Kinda funny to think about that.

It’s an odd place to be in, but certainly one that is of my own doing.

Even though I don’t have a home to call my own, I’m headed EXACTLY in the direction that I want to.

Soon, I’ll be sailing in the Bahamas… all thanks to the streams of online income that I built.

Take this to heart: You can easily create online income. Start today.





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