How We Will Make Money Living Aboard A Sailboat

How We Will Make Money Living Aboard A Sailboat

How We Make Money Living Aboard A Sailboat

I’ll explain how we make money living aboard a sailboat. If you’re looking for ways to earn money while sailing, you could earn money the same way! In fact, I’ll teach you how to do the same thing if you are interested in creating an automatic income.

To start off, a better way to title this post would be “how we WILL make money…” because technically we are not yet sailing. However, we are quickly headed in that direction – and we do already have the money part nailed down. The good news is that I show people how they too can build a simple online business that will supply them with an automatic income. It’s really not all that difficult!

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you’ve probably gotten wind of my families grand plan to go sailing in the Bahamas. In fact, you can keep up with the adventure at if you so desire.

I digress…

It’s true. Although we are still somewhere near the beginning of the process that will ultimately lead to us bobbing about on a boat in crystal-blue waters, we still have a little ways to go before that dream becomes a reality. Still, we’re moving with authority in that direction. Still, it’s amazingly beneficial that we do already have a way to have an income while we are sailing.

To put an actual time frame on it, I’d say we are somewhere in the range of 3 to 6 months away from actually launching off from the USA in a South-Easterly direction towards Freeport, and from there… the Bahamas!

Anyways – the reason I’m writing this now is because you probably know that my Affiliate Marketing business will be helping in large part to fund this journey for me and my family. Lot’s of people have been asking us how we plan to make money living aboard a sailboat. Well, our online marketing business is precisely how. In fact, it’s going to be an incredible way to keep the money coming in while sailing around the Bahamas.

Online marketing can be a fairly general term. More specifically speaking, I am generating an income because I sell product online through various websites that I have created. Each time a product sells, I earn a modest commission from the sale. Now, “a modest commission” doesn’t sound like much, but when you earn sales several times per day, from multiple websites, then the income begins to amount to something that we can actually use for our sailing trip.

So, our primary stream of income while we are sailing will come from my internet marketing business.

Pretty cool to think that you can set up a business, for next to nothing, that will allow me to make money living aboard a sailboat. I think that’s a rad concept. Not only that, but it’s one that is simple to duplicate.

Still, there’s 1 particular element that makes this business very well-suited for allowing us to eanr an income while sailing… AUTOMATION.


Why Automation Is Such A Big Deal

Indeed, there are few businesses that can provide you will income streams in such an automatic fashion as a properly-set-up Internet Marketing business.

You probably also know that I have a Real Estate business as well. Although that is a profitable endeavor in itself, that business required much more of my own personal attention in order to run properly. Yes – I intend to manage that business asmake money while sailing well while we are away, but I think that it will have to be cut back dramatically so that the train doesn’t come off the track in my absence. The Real Estate business alone would probably not allow me to make money living aboard a sailboat simply because it is not nearly as automated as the internet marketing business.

Cell phone service and internet connections are difficult (and expensive) to come by, especially in any sort of reliable way. This is one of the reasons why my internet marketing business is a great way to make money while living on sailboat.

That’s one of the biggest factors that make Internet Marketing a somewhat perfect solution to keep the money flowing in while we are out galavanting in the tropics. I’m certainly anticipating that we will not have a reliable cell of internet connection, so it will be super-nice to know that my online business will allow me to earn money while cruising our sailboat even though I will (probably) not have the ability to log in conveniently – or even to make cell phone calls for that matter.


Typical Cruisers Income

Now, I know this blog isn’t about cruising, but it’s nice to have an actual real-life example that shows the kind of lifestyle that an internet marketing business can support. I also want to tell you about some of the “traditional ways” that people will make money living aboard a sailboat – just so you have a better understanding of the whole sailing & income thing.

Most “cruisers” as they are called, make they’re money BEFORE the depart for a long sail. In other words, they don’t actively make money while they are living aboard a sailboat at all, instead they make the money before they depart. By the way, the term cruiser, is one that simply implies that a person lives on a sailboat. Still, for most people who are out sailing, they will raise up a certain amount of capital, then go cruising for a while.

The problem with that approach is that your sailing time is governed by how much money you have saved up in your cruising account. When the money runs out, your sailing time abruptly runs out as well.

By having a stream of income, cruisers are able to enjoy extended cruising. This is how we plan to make money living aboard a sailboat – we’re going to truly put my internet marketing business to work and live off the income stream while we are away.

Other ways that savvy cruisers make money for cruising would be by holding Real Estate rentals, owning stocks, owning a large business with employees and management in place, or other forms of “investments” that provide a substantial and ongoing return on their money. Essentially, they own an income stream one way or another that continually pays them in their absence. Income streams are really what unlocks many of the true freedoms of sailing and will allow my family to make money living aboard our sailboat.

Trouble with most of those “other methods” for generating income is that they require an extremely large sum of money to be invested in order to return an significant yields. There are certainly grand upsides to owning stocks or Real Estate – I’m certainly not discounting that, but I’m simply saying that the barrier of entry into those income streams are vastly greater than creating an income streams by building an internet marketing website.


Sailing & Internet Marketing

It’s a strange and beautiful union. When I got into this business I did not do so with the intent of providing money so that we could make money living aboard our sailboat – I was simply creating the business so that we would have an additional stream of income.

Therein lies the beauty! Even though we didn’t plan on this being the goal – earn money while sailingwe have this as an option because I’ve built my business with passive income being the goal. Now that I have income coming into my world regardless of whether I work or not, I also have the option of doing some pretty cool stuff.

To me, it really boils down to having options. Options to go where I want – options to do what I want. It’s having options that really give us the feeling of true freedom. You can’t just flip a switch and make money living aboard a sailboat – you have to build a business that gives you that option. Without options… you’re trapped. That’s when you feel like your back is against the wall and there’s no where else to turn.

The money give you options. The money coming in automatically give us further options. Without owning this business I don’t think that sailing the Bahamas would even be a consideration, but since the business supports the lifestyle, we are able to take advantage of the opportunity and do something that many will only dream of.

So, that’s how we will make money living aboard a sailboat. It’s amazing to think that it’s possible to build a little system that will earn you money while sailing. Crazy. I mean, I was in love with internet marketing long before we were seriously talking about sailing, but now that the business messes so well with out crazy sailing plan – it’s just that much more impressive to me!

When I got started in Internet Marketing, I had no idea that we would end up using those earnings to help fund our sailing adventure. I guess that’s the beauty of setting yourself up with a diversified set of income streams – you never know what amazing opportunities will open up to you when you ave the luxury of an automatic stream of income that “magically” funnels money into your bank account from the internet.

Earning money while cruising around in a sailing is something that I know most cruisers don’t have the luxury of. That’s why I felt compelled to write about our plans and how an online business can help fund your cruising kitty.

Now, I’m going to get busy working on our sailing plan. Gotta get busy tracking down a good cruising sailboat to buy.



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I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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