Free Keyword Research Software

Free Keyword Research Software

Free Keyword Research Software

I’m always trying to continually improve by finding a free keyword research software that is an improvement over the tool I am currently using. It’s one of those things that you are just always trying to improve upon. Your keyword tool is one of those things that just has to work at it highest potential at all times. If it becomes outdated, then you have to get whatever the new best tool is so that you can keep up with the competition.

The previous keyword tool I was using reached a point where I didn’t trust the results it was giving me. I would spool up a search within the system and double check the output results against Google and the results just didn’t match up. For example, I would enter a search that read: “Find A Key Word Website“. The keyword tool would tell me that there were 4 competitors, but when I would check on Google, I would find that there were 208 competitors. That’s no good at all.

I couldn’t keep using the outdated, ineffective tool I was previously using. Something had to change fast so that I could carry on with my business.

Back To The Drawing Board –

So, I began the search (again) to find a keyword tool that I can use to search for the best-possible keywords to use to get the right people in front of my messages. That’s what this whole thing is about anyways – getting the right eyes on the right product. Without a way to know what keywords to build your articles around, you’re at a huge disadvantage. In fact, I make the comparison that without the right tool, you aren’t making sounds business decisions… you’re gambling.

So, I searched long and hard for an organic SEO keyword tool, and finally I found something that seemed like it might fit the bill. It’s got a weird name – Jaaxy – but I’ll tell you, I’m more impressed with this keyword software than I’ve ever been with anything else I’ve used.

Real quick though, let me reiterate exactly why it’s so important that you have access to the very best organic SEO keyword tool possible…


If you can’t get your message in front of the right people,

you might as well quit now.


Ouch. Strong words. I’m not trying to be rude by saying such a strong statement, but I’m rather trying to explain how vital it is to be able to get the right eyes in front of the right product. If you re unable to do that, there’s not much point in all this. However, if you are able to maneuver your product in such a way that you can attract people who are highly interested in your product, THEN you’re doing it right.

The biggest resource you have in being able to get those targeted visitors to your product is having convenient access to a tool that can help you choose targeted keywords. You’ve got to find a keyword website that will aid you in choosing the best keywords possible. Can you see the importance?

So many people, especially beginners, think that the right audience will just magically find their message. How wrong they are. Getting the right audience to your message has to be a VERY deliberate task. It’s all about keywords. You have to become a master of matching up your target audience’s needs up with your message/product/course… you get the picture.

Alright, so how to we know what keywords to target?

Well – I’ll be direct… The best way is by leveraging a piece of software that is purpose-built to help you track down the best keywords for the job.

I’m going to tell you what I use. It’s called Jaaxy.

… and it’s awesome.

Jaaxy Free Keyword Research Software

Try Jaaxy For freeHere’s what you do:

You have to get into the mind of your prospect. You think about what words they would plug into the search engine in order to get them to your page. What search terms would they likely be thinking about? I know you’ve got something in mind. Now take that search term, and plug it into the Jaaxy console.


Here’s what Jaaxy does:

Jaaxy goes to work and spits out all of the relevant search terms that are similar to the one you suggested. Now, here’s the great part – For each search term that Jaaxy analyzes, it will give you a set of important metrics. It gives you the average number of monthly search volume (Avg), it give you the traffic if you are in the 1st position of the results (Traffic), is give you the number of pages that come up for your search term (QSR), it gives you a colored indicator of quality (KQI), and finally it gives you a quality score from 0-100 (SEO).

Free Keyword Software

From there you are able to pick and choose the keywords that are best suited to attract the visitors you are looking for. You can then use those keywords to write about topics that will give your readers the information they are hungry for – it’s a win/win for everyone when you are able to get the right eyes on your messages. You are able to earn extra money from home, and your viewer gets the information they were searching for. THAT’S what it’s all about – getting the right eyeballs on the right messages. When you can do that – you’re creating magic.

It’s Your Roadmap

You’ve got to have a tool that will show you which search terms to build your article around. Then, you have to have a tool that shows you how each term measures up with each other. Without some way of know what keywords to use, you’re lost. You’re spitting in the wind. You’re driving in the dark. Jaaxy is your roadmap – and a darn good one at that. Now, there are a lot of websites that offer free keyword research software, but none of them are as user-friendly and intuitive as this one. With Jaaxy, you are given a clear picture of what direction to head in with your articles and keywords – more so than any other provider I’ve known.

The Bottom Line

If you have a need for knowing what search terms your target audience is searching with, then there is simply no better tool than Jaaxy. If you are trying to get any sort of online message in front of a specific audience, then you too need to find a keyword website that will provide you with the best possible keywords. Jaxxy is exactly what you need. It’s the most thorough, intuitive, capable, and cost-effective tool available. I’ve tried a dozen similar options and none of them deliver nearly as well as Jaaxy.

What’s It Cost?

Set yourself up with the free trial to get a feel of the program and see how great it is. With that you get 30 FREE searches. If you decide you want to take it to the next level, you can get into it for $19 / month. Geez, that’s crazy. I was paying 10x that at one point for a software that wasn’t nearly as capable as this one. If you are serious about making money online, then you need to give it a shot. I know if you try it, you’ll become a believer like me. Give Jaaxy a test-drive with 30 FREE searches.

This is as good as it get’s. It’s not a 100% free keyword research software, nor do I believe that you get any real quality from a completely free solution, but at a cost of $19 / month – you’ll be blown away with the search quality and functionality that this tool provides.

Also, if you have any questions or opinions about this program, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Ben,
    In my opinion Jaaxy is the best keyword tool available. Without it traffic would be hard to get for my website. IF you use the free searches you will find that you get the best keyword ideas that are available for your niche. It will not take much time to get your investment back if you use this tool correctly.

    • John,

      I concur Sir – as far as keyword tools are concerned, Jaaxy is the best – bar none. The fact that they give away 30 free searches means that they are putting their money where their mouth is and they know that the program will deliver. Thanks for chiming in John – check back often!

  2. Great review of Jaaxy – keywording properly is so important! I know that my 2 newer websites – which I’ve applied proper keywording to – are getting better traffic than my old site which is over 5 years old. No wonder I could never get the traffic I needed to support my business. Even if you just use the free trial at Jaaxy, it’s enough to get started on improving your website. Thanks for this info.

    • Sara, when I started off, I thought getting traffic was just a matter of writing interesting articles. Suffice it to say that there is much more to getting quality traffic than that. If you don’t target the right keyword, nobody is going to find your content, no matter how great it is. Everyone first needs to understand the vital important of keywords, then they need a tool that provides great keywords. The latter you get with Jaaxy. Thanks Sara!

  3. Hi Ben,

    Yes indeed… I understand that Jaaxy is a very powerful tool….since ultimately you want to find key words that produce traffic, but not too competitive….delicate balance there! I’m on the hunt for a tool that is less costly than my current provider. Jaaxy seems to be about a 3rd of the price, so I’ll try it out.

    Great article Ben! Bruce

    • Bruce – I suggest giving Jaaxy a shot by using those 30 free searches so you can see what they’re all about. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly and intuitive the program is. Plus, at a 3rd of your typical cost, you just can’t lose.

  4. I agree with you that many persons who are doing business online do not know that keywords are important in getting their website ranked in google and in front of people. Finding the right keyword can be a hassle, but as you say if one has a tool to help, it can make a massive difference. I know about Jaaxy and I certainly agree with everything you’ve written about their program. I too would recommend it to others.

    • Hi there Oral,
      Yes, I was one of those people that didn’t quite grasp the importance of using the correct keywords. The trick is matching the keywords to the audience you want to attract – then providing that audience with what they are searching for when they hit your page. It’s a little tricky, but Jaaxy makes the process of finding the best keywords about as simple as it can be.

  5. I like your approach. Your website is clean, neat, and to the point; your not wasting my time. You write in language very much like you are talking to me and so your not writing over my depth of understanding. I am already using Jaaxy on a daily basis and will certainly attest to the fact that there is nothing else out there that works as well as Jaaxy, and costs as little as Jaaxy. Ben – you know what you’re talking about, and I like that.

    • Mark – Thanks for the kind words. It’s easy to stand behind a product when it’s the best. That’s why I’m proud to let others know about it because there’s no doubt that it will enhance their results. Check back in from time to time Mark – I’ll be continually adding more great articles!

  6. Hi Ben,

    Jaaxy Keyword Tool is great but it’s even more superb when you used it concurrently with Google Instant. It’s like Google giving you the keyword clue and Jaaxy doing the analysis work.

    What I like most about Jaaxy is that it’s fast and simple to use. I don’t have to spend hours analyzing metrics because I know that’s been taken care off. With a bit of Google help, I am usually in and out of Jaaxy within 10 minutes so that I can focus on creating my web content instead.

    • Cathy, I’ll have to try using Jaaxy along with Google Instant. I can see how that would be beneficial having the instantaneous feedback of knowing how the search bar reacts to the output results from Jaaxy. You’re right about Jaaxy being fast and simple. I’ve used probably a dozen different keyword tools, and none of them have come close to Jaaxy. Thanks for the comment. Keep in touch!

  7. Wow Ben I’m loving your website!

    I could totally vouch for you on Jaaxy being the best keyword research tool out there, I’ve been using it myself for over a year now. It is so much more accurate than Google keyword planner and you can pin-point your competition right down to the exact numbers rather than a rough estimation of ‘medium competition’ or ‘high competition’. I love how you can generate loads of keywords to write about. I’m thrilled to have found your website, and I’m eating up all the great info so I can apply it to my own internet marketing business.

    Much thanks. ~Riaz

    • Riaz,

      Thanks for the supporting comment for Jaaxy. I recall that I sort of stumbled upon it in some obscure way while fumbling around online, but hey – I’m glad I did. Ultimately, it’s become one of the most used, most valuable tools in my arsenal.

      I’m stoked that you’re excited about the website and getting your own business set up. Be sure to let me know any ways that I can personally assist you along the way!

  8. I wanted to leave a review about this product because I use it to find keywords for my posts. It is an AMAZING tool and I would not be able to create content without being able to reach keywords that will make me rank in the first places of Google.

    It warns me about the competition, how many people research for that particular keyword, and it also displays how my site is ranked. I will recommend this product to anyone who is interested in trying to rank between the first pages of Google.

    • Juan,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Jaaxy. A good keyword tool is one of those things that you don’t realize how important it is until you implement it into your business.

      Good to hear from a fellow Jaaxy user that they are also highly impressed with the software. To anyone out there who is looking for a good keyword tool for SEO, try Jaaxy with 30 FREE searches.

  9. I see the word ‘targeted’ here in your title – something I wish I had paid more attention to when I was building up my website in the early days.
    Getting traffic is great – but most of the time that traffic is poor traffic unless it is targeted. I took an age to discover this – but when I did my website turned around within a week! Keyword tools are so important to locating targeted keywords…and targeted keywords are so important to your website’s success!
    What SEO equipment do you use for this site?

  10. If you’re looking to make money online then you need to have a plan. Do you need to have the necessary tools to make your business a success. Keywords are the lifeblood of your online website. Without the proper key words you cannot get traffic to your website. The best keyword tool online without a doubt is Jaaxy. You get 30 free keyword searches. And for only $19 a month it is well worth it. Jaaxy gives you top keywords that you need for your website. This keyword tool will make it much easier for you. I highly recommend it.



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