How Can I Start My Own Online Business

How Can I Start My Own Online Business

How Can I Start My Own Online Business For Free?

When you’re just beginning a journey, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty that typically accompanies you at the early stages.

The reason for this is because you just don’t know what you don’t know.

You see, once you’ve push through the difficulty and the challenges that go along with starting something new and unknown, things have a way of gaining clarity.

There have been Start An Online Business For Freeseveral big times in my life that I recall feeling the anxiety of not knowing what to expect from the new direction I was headed.

For instance, I remember when I decided to leave my previous career as a Design Engineer. It was a bold move for me to quit my job – especially at a time when the unemployment rate was at an all-time-high. Still, I knew it was the best move for myself and my family. With that new direction came all kinds of uncertainly and doubt, but I still know that I had to press forward because the promise of becoming a self-sustained entrepreneur was one that would ultimately give my family a better life and more freedom than we had ever known. It was a scary leap of faith – but one that I knew I had to take if I really wanted better things from this life.

It’s those moments that you are faced with making those life-changing decisions that I think will have he greatest effect on how you shape the life that you really want to live.

You don’t get that many moments in life to really make those big choices. When you do get one of those choices, I suggest that you GO BIG. I always think that the results of choosing to go big and failing are far less severe than choosing to stay where you are and commit to a life of mediocrity.

Now, back to the subject of this post – How Can I Start My Own Online Business For Free


Why Start An Online Business?

I made a big decision a while back that I feel was one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far in my relatively young life. That decision has given my family more freedom to do what we want than any other decision thus far.

I chose that I was going to focus on creating streams of income. Basically what that meant to me was that instead of looking for “better jobs”, or looking for ways I could “improve my value”, I was going to instead look for ways that I could set up income streams that would pay me automatically.

Quit my Job And Start A BusinessI reached a particular turning point in my life while I was working for someone else. It was a time when I had a comfy job and I felt like I was safe. I felt as though I could continue to live this comfy existence for as long as I wanted. Sure, I HATED the feeling of knowing that I was obligated to go into work on Monday, but I rather enjoyed the feeling of knowing that I had job security. Of course, all that changed when business dried up and my fellow employees were getting fired left and right.

Job security was a myth. It doesn’t matter how secure you feel your present employment situation is. If someone else is running the business – you aren’t in control, and you can be left high and dry in the blink of an eye. (That rhymes).

For me, one of the biggest reasons why I felt that starting an online business was a good move for myself and my family was because I was in control. Nobody was going to tell me how much money I could make, when I could take my vacation time, and if I could have a job of not. When I chose to build my own online business, I was setting myself up for the future that I really wanted to have for my family and I. I was building my future and ultimately creating the lifestyle and security that I really wanted.


The Drawbacks Of Online Business

I’ll lead off this paragraph by saying that even through there are some downsides to having an online business, they are no more negative than owning any other type of money making business.

Most of the perceived downsides revolve around the principal of having to take responsibility for yourself and your business – but such is the life of the entrepreneur. If you want the freedom and perks that owning an online business can provide you with, then you have to accept a higher level of responsibility because you, after all, are the sole owner and decision maker.

People often ask me questions as they probe for knowledge. They’re hungry for something different, but they’re also hesitant to jump in without first gathering some information. One of the most common questions I get is this –

“How Can I Start My Own Online Business For Free?”

The “HOW” is actually pretty easy. In fact I’ve assembled a Free 5-Day Course that will who you HOW. That should be an indicator of how simple it really is. If I can show you HOW to create an online business over the course of the next 5 days, and I don’t charge one red cent for it – it’s got to be pretty simple.

The reason people ask this question vary. Some of them are sick and tired of working for an employer that they hate. Others are looking to earn some extra start my own online business for freemoney. Other’s might be looking for the same thing I was when I jumped ship from my last (and final) JOB… they want to experience real freedom.

The biggest drawback of starting your own online business is that you have to be responsible, motivated, and driven to make big things happen. It’s not as simple as setting up a website and watching the piles of money roll in. It takes some hard work. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s some of the most rewarding hard work that you’ll ever do, but it takes work none-the-less.

Many people think that just because they can set up an online business for free that it doesn’t take any real effort. Truth of the matter is that, especially in the beginning, the work that it takes to build an online business is kinda tough. It will try and test your patience. This is mainly because you are not only moving in a direction that is completely new to you, but you are also in a very intense learning mode. Whether you know it or not, the beginning is when you will be soaking up an incredible amount of knowledge that you will use for the rest of your online business building career.

It’s tough, but it’s very, very worth it for those who can stay on the course, keep pressing forward, and not let some of the initial challenges and doubts deter them from their ultimate goals.


What Makes The Difference?

You might be just starting down the path of the online entrepreneur, but I’ve been on this path for a while. I’ve seen people try and fail. I’ve also seen people try and succeed and grand ways.

What makes the difference?

Why to some people fail while others go on to experience great things?

Although there is no scientific answer to those questions, I do have a very strong opinion for why success in not a guarantee for anybody who chooses to explore the path of the online entrepreneur. Here are my thoughts on the matter –

Some people feel that they have tocan i start my own online business figure out everything on their own. They’ve been brought up with the understanding that the best way to learning something new is through a process of trial and error. Personally, I feel that’s the absolute worst way to learn something new. People have done this stuff before, so why would they feel like they have to be a pioneer and make all the mistakes all over again? That mentality runs completely against common logic.

To me, the single biggest factor that will do someone the most benefit towards contributing to their overall success is if they can understand that all they have to do is COPY what another successful person has done and they will achieve similar results. You see, you don’t have to progress through trial and error. In fact, if there’s anything that will beat you down and discourage you quicker than anything else it’s the path of trial and error. Why put yourself through that when there are countless other people that already know the right way to make money online.

The biggest difference between a successful person in this business and the person who fails is that the failure insists on doing things their way, rather than just follow a simple, proven path, that will ultimately lead them to success.


The Proven Path

Going back to the big question –

“How Can I Start My Own Online Business For Free?”

Here’s what I recommend. Sign up and take my Free 5-Day Course. It doesn’t cost you a dime, and you don’t even have to give your credit card number.

Sign up for that, learn how to build your online business, and you’ll be off to a great start on the path that will lead you to success as an online entrepreneur.

To enroll today in the Free 5-Day Course. You’ll have your first lesson in the next 60 seconds, and at the end of the course, you’ll be better equipped than 99% of the other online entrepreneurs out there.



Let me know what you think of this post!


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  1. Great info you got there! Really like the way you’ve written this. I’m not a big fan of “working at home” but you’ve written it so well that I’m starting to think maybe I should see what the fuss is about. Brilliant! I’ll bookmark this page and keep up-breast with your progress. Well done. Keep it coming.



    • Thanks for the positive comment there JellyB,

      You don’t necessarily have to be interested in working at home to get huge benefits from having an online business.

      The great thing is that you will have OPTIONS.

      Keep in touch!

  2. Great post Ben!

    I totally agree that it’s important to do what the successful people are already implementing. Obviously don’t copy them follow their direction and improve on what already works!

    As far as people wanting to get started online , anyone who wants to get started should take this 5 day course just to get the fundamentals down, I mean after all it’s free so you can’t wrong!

    Cheers and looking forward to your next post,


    • Yeah – there’s no need to re-invent the wheel, not in this business or any other for that matter. Much of this stuff has been done before. All you really have to do is find someone who has already built a business that you want to emulate, learn from them, and put your own unique spin on things.

      Yeah – get the course if you haven’t already. Loads of great information in there, and it will literally walk you though the steps required for you to build your first profitable website.

      Glad you liked the article. Bookmark the website and check back often.

      Thanks Stephen!

  3. My reasons for wanting to start my own online business are because I hate the job I have to do, working with people who irritate me, and consistently being broke!

    I do fully agree that to make an online business work, we must be willing to work very hard and take responsibility for an online income to manifest.

    It’s pretty much the same as having a job (but better). If we don’t put in the hours and the work, then we don’t get paid. Simples!

    Thanks for the Free 5 day course recommendation, and I can’t wait to become an online Entrepreneur :)


    • Neil,

      You’ve got the right attitude to make big things happen. I suggest digging into my 5 Day Business Course, and taking advantage of the energy you have right now to start building your business and create some momentum.

      Best of luck on your journey and keep in mind that I’m here to help you along the way.

  4. Hi there Ben,

    The online marketing world can be a very confusing place for beginners. When I first started, I didn’t trust any sources online. Instead, I attended a physical class, 4 days in a row, thinking that I might be able to learn more.

    I found out much later, after having paid $600, what I learned there was only 1% of what the real online business thing is all about. To learn the remaining 99%, I need to sign up for ‘special coaching courses’ worth $5-8K.

    You could tell straightaway that this was an up-sell/scam kind of thing. I learned my lesson, but fortunately I didn’t give up searching, otherwise I would have missed an awesome place like Wealthy Affiliate University.

  5. I’ve looked into this recently and I have to say it is all a bit confusing to me – I think I’ve overdone things and hit a bit of information overload in certain sectors.
    Do you feel it’s best to just learn at a snails pace to begin with – and build out your online business at a rate that suits you?
    Also, will this slow approach hurt your overall business efforts?


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Free 5 Day Business Course!

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