Engaging Your Audience With Email Marketing

Engaging Your Audience With Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are 2 completely different subjects. However, something magical happens when you are able to seamlessly combine the 2 in your quest to create online income streams for yourself. You can make money with email marketing alone, but when combined with affiliate marketing, it’s a powerful effect that really produces outstanding results.

If you’ve been following along on my website, then I’m sure you know what Affiliate Marketing is. Up until this point though, I don’t believe that I’ve gone into much detail on how Email Marketing can positively effect your online business.

First off, let me explain what email marketing is –

Email marketing is essentially keeping in touch with a specific target audience through the use of a pre-designed sequence of email messages.

On my website, I use email marketing for 2 things –

  1. I use email marketing to deliver my Free 5 Day Email Course.
  2. I use email marketing to keep in touch with the visitors to my website.

The coolest thing about integrating an email marketing platform onto your website is that it allows you to maintain that vital connection between yourself and your website visitors. Everyday we are all bombarded by various advertisements, logos, sales pitches, etc – and even in spite of all that, we have to be able to keep in touch with our audience in a meaningful way.

The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is by first creating a website that is providing your visitors with the content that they area searching for, but then also integrating an email marketing service into the mix so that you can better communicate, in an automated fashion, with all of your website visitors.

Anyone can learn to make money with affiliate marketing, there’s really not that much to it. It takes a bit of creativity to seamlessly combine it with email marketing. When used together, they create an atmosphere on your website that makes it easy to keep in touch with all of your websites visitors.

Email marketing is a great tool to use for that very purpose. For one thing, it’s highly automated. You can set up your email system once, and then forget about it. For example, I don’t have to manually do anything whenever I send someone my free email course for Affiliate Marketing. it’s all automatic. Sure, it took some work to get everything set up initially, but now that side of things is completely hands-free.


Email Marketing = Automation


With an email marketing platform at your side, you can set and forget some elements of running your business. For instance, let’s say you want to provide your visitors with a free e-book in exchange for their email address. This can easily be dome with email marketing. Then, once you get your visitors email address, you will be able to send them a quick email anytime you set up a new post on your website.

You can literally make money with email addresses when you implement email marketing into your website’s strategy. It allows you to keep in touch with your website’s visitors on a regular basis so that they don’t miss out on any new content that you create. This brings them back to your website where you can potentially monetize the traffic over and over. Just think of the report and professionalism that this will help you portray.

As you know, one of my core principals for business is to be able to set up systems that will work for me automatically and passively. Affiliate Marketing is already, by design, great for the entrepreneur that wants to free his time, but also continue to have his business generate income automatically. Now, when you add in email marketing into that equation, things become even more hands-off. No only that, but you are catering to your audience in an even greater way.

Pretty cool to think that you can make money with email addresses, but that’s literally what you are doing. Collecting your visitors email addresses so that you can continue to correspond with them in a frequent and meaningful way.

Example: My 5 Day Email Course

You may or may not have taken the course already, but if you haven’t… get the course! It’s awesome, free, teaches you all about making money online, it’s free, lot’s of successful marketers got their start with the same course, plus… it’s free.

Anyways – I digress.

I set up my free email course 1 time, now anytime someone wants to take the course, all they have to do is enter their email address and my email marketing system, madmimi, takes over from there. The visitor that ordered the course immediately get’s their first lesson sent to their inbox. Then, each day for the next 5 days, they’ll receive the next lesson of the course.

Pretty cool stuff right? I can train thousands of people on how to begin making money with internet marketing, automatically, without having to physically of mentally to a thing. It’s email marketing that makes that possible.

Now, here’s the next cool bit. When someone subscribes to the course, as you know they are giving me their email address. I have to know where to send their course. However, from that point forward, I’m also bale to keep in touch with them via email for anytime I create a new blog post. That way, if they want to keep learning about what I’m up to in the business of making money online, all they have to do is open up the emails I send out each time I create a new post.

It’s cool stuff. The thing is that you have to stay in front of your audience if you really want to build that relationship with them. There’s no better way to do that in this business than by getting yourself set up with a respectable email marketing platform.


The Email Marketing Service I Use

It has a funny name, but hey – in my opinion there nothing better.MadMimi Banner

What I use is called MadMimi. Yeah – they have a funny name, but I can look past that because what they lack in a really cool business name, they make up for in cost-effectiveness, customer support, and functionality.

Now, I’m not writing this post to push MadMimi necessarily – unless of course, you are looking for an email marketing platform and you are ready to jump head first into whatever platform I suggest – rather, I am simply writing about this one because it’s what I’ve used the longest.

Now, along the path that led me to these guys, I actually ended up using quite a few other email marketing providers.

I have experience with:

  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Mail Chimp
  • Get Response (Awful customer service… be warned)
  • Salesforce
  • and Vertical Response

Now, what I can say after using all of these different services is that MadMimi, at least to me, offers the best balance of all the things that I need in an email marketing platform.

Now, one thing that I can say that MadMimi does head-and-shoulders better than all the others COMBINED, is that they offer the best customer service I’ve ever experiences… like ever. I’m talking about from any industry, any business, anything… they’re the absolute best I’ve ever known when it comes to providing for their customers.

If you click the banner to the right, I can get you a bit of a discount if you want to give them a try.


Consider The Benefits

To me, the most amazing thing about the business of internet marketing is how you can set things up in such a way that you are essentially building a system that will create dollars for you – seemingly from thin air.

When you have a website that is designed to deliver the content that your visitors are searching for, then you have the ingredients to create a substantial stream of income that will pay you over and over – even in your sleep.

By combining an Email Marketing system with a website that is purpose built for selling affiliate products, it’s like an amazing 1-2 punch. The website attracts the visitors to your website, but them the email marketing system swings into effect to deliver product, keep in touch, and expand your fan base.

I’m certain that there are many creative ways that you can use these tools to your benefit, even outside the scope of this blog post. Try to think outside the box in your business. Any way that you can separate yourself from the competition is setting yourself apart in ways that will help you progress. Email marketing and affiliate marketing give you the tools you will need to succeed, but the ways that you use them creatively are up to you.

I’ve shared some of the ways I use those tool, but you can be as creative as you like in the ways that you implement them to the positive effect to your online business.

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