Don’t Focus Purely On How To Make Money Fast Online

Don’t Focus Purely On How To Make Money Fast Online

Make Money Fast Online

Everyone want’s to make money fast online, but there are few people that really understand what is required to achieve this goal. Let me explain what I mean.

Unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to make money fast online – at least not in the sense that they were granted with “what it takes” from the moment they entered this world. Even I wish it was an even playing field and that I had the same amazing attributes of another person who makes everything in life look like a piece of cake. That’s just not the way it works though, is it?

Some people have this one weird personality trait that seems to give them an edge in life and helps them to “easily” achieve things that hang out of reach of other people. Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to make everything look easy? Well, I’m one to believe that it’s not that they were blessed, or even anything special – I think they’re just plain tenacious.

I really admire people who are tenacious. You really don’t have to be the smartest, the luckiest, the most good-looking person to do well in business. The people who tend to win in the long run are those How to make money fast onlineare are just down-right tenacious. Here’s another word for someone who is tenacious…. hard-headed.

Sounds like a pretty odd thing for me to lead off with, but it will all make sense when I bring my ramblings around full circle. The reasons I put a high value on the trait of tenacity is because that kind of person rarely gives up. They tend to be the kind of person who makes up their mind about something and they just make it happen.

Sure they might encounter adversity along the way. Sure the stars aren’t going to align for them all the time. Those things don’t matter for the person who is tenacious.


Commitment Is Vital To Your Success

I’ve always believe that all that someone has to do in order to achieve their goals is to commit to the process. You see, if someone truly commits, and they don’t let themselves be derailed by circumstances, opinions, and objections – nothing can stop them.

Not to toot my own horn here, but I’d say that I do possess a reasonable measure of tenacity. If you’ve been following along with my blog for very long you probably know that I got my start in business by way of Real Estate. I’ll tell you – Real Estate is not for the faint of heart. There are all kinds of ways that one can end up broke, in law suits, in jail, etc. Still, I managed to create a viable Real Estate Investment business, and I attribute much of that success to a single characteristic I possess: I’m hard-headed as heck.

Now, making money fast online is another one of those arenas where it takes a big commitment in order for one to really achieve success. I define success in this business as reaching a level where your website or websites are bringing in enough money so that you’re typical financial needs are met, automatically , on a monthly basis. So, if you and your family need $3000 a month to live, then I call reaching $3000+ a month from your internet marketing business being a successful milestone.


True, I’m Hard-Headed – And Proud Of It

Most people, and I say this affectionately… are not as hard-headed as me. In some ways, I would call this a blessing. However, in some ways I think that when people lack the ability to commit to a process then they are not giving themselves a fair chance in something that could very likely be a worthwhile, and very rewarding, endeavor that would greatly benefit them financially.

Quite honestly, this business really isn’t even about making money fast online – it’s actually more about making money slow online. I say this because it really does take some time, energy and commitment to build a system that works, REALLY works, that will bring in a steady supply of income.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, you really are making money fast online. I mean sure, depending on how hard you work at your goals, it may take you a year or even 2 before your business is really firing on all cylinders. Think about this for a moment though – most people in order to own a business that will produce reliable income will have to go to college for at least 4 years in order to obtain that same goal. So, really, what’s a year of your time invested towards something that will pay you for the rest of your life? I hope I’m making that picture clear for you.


Adjust Your Mindset, Just A Bit

Back to tenacity – although this is a trait that most people are born See How You Can Make Money Fast Online with, I do think that it’s something that can be acquired. It will take some practice though. No, you can’t take a pill and grow a tenacity glad in your brain. What you have to do instead is get used to doing things that you know you HAVE to do in order to reach your goals, even when you don’t necessarily feel like it. You have to have a big-picture mentality about this stuff. Remember, throw out the idea that you will make money fast online, and rather, focus instead on making money slow. Just a little progress at a time done on a regular basis will add up quickly.

All of the work that you do along the way is permanent. You never have to do that work again. It’s not like making widgets if you were working at a factory. If you stop making widgets, then the money stops as well. Nope, its not like that. Instead, just remember that every word you type, every page you build, every image you upload, is there forever. It’s always going to be there attracting people to your website and in turn you are going to make more and more with less and less.


The Process Of Progress

You can make income quickly online, but it won’t be very much at first. You’ll make a buck here and there. Then it will turn into $10, then $100. From there your income will start coming in more steady. Also the amount of transactions will be begin to rise. About this time is when you start doubting yourself a bit because you can’t even believe your own eyes. Still, the proof will be right there in front of you. Once you have a consistent income coming in, then the game becomes how you can take it to the next level. You see, this is how things will change for you once you “break through”, and break through you will if you can be tenacious.

This post is meant to be a word of encouragement for those who are feeling discouraged along their journey towards creating an online income. I know how difficult it can be. Still, on the other side of things I also know how incredibly rewarding and fun it can be as well. I think one of the biggest things that can benefit you, aside from being tenacious of course, is to change your perspective a bit.

Yes, although it is quite possible to make money fast online, I think that you will have a FAR better chance of creating something truly valuable if you were to focus more on the big, BIG picture goals. I know that can be hard to do if you are in a situation where you truly need to make money FAST online, and anything other than FAST seems to be the wrong answer – but it’s still important to know that over all you will be much happier if you commit to the process that will create something truly valuable and meaningful in your life. Something that will pay you over and over again whether you work or not.


You’ll See. I Know It.

Don't try to make money fast online, focus on the process.It’s real. It works. Do yourself a favor and replace the “make money fast online” idea with “make something worthwhile”. Start there and everything else just kind of has a way of falling into place.

Anyone can be tenacious. It’s a conscious choice, but it has to be a serious one. It’s a serious thing making a commitment to one’s self, but it’s necessary to really set yourself up for success on this journey of internet marketing.

Learning how to make money fast online is not the goal. Making consistent money over time is the goal.


It’s tenacity that will get you there.


Be tenacious.  :)

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